Permanent Office of Navarra to the EU

Services of the Office of Navarra in Brussels

  • Monitoring the work of the Committee of the Regions of the European Union and various networks of interest to the Community of Navarre.

  • Monitoring the decision-making processes of the institutions of the European Union and obtaining information during the procedures they use for the production of regulations which may affect the Community’s interests.

  • Support in European Semesters under the Agreement on Participation of the Autonomous Communities in the Council of Ministers of the European Union.

  • Collaboration with the Permanent Representation of the Kingdom of Spain to the European Union, the offices of other Spanish Autonomous Communities and similar bodies representing other Member States in Brussels.

  • Supporting the active search for business and financial opportunities for the Community of Navarre’s public and private sectors.

  • Dissemination and promotion of EU programmes and opportunities of interest to the Community of Navarre.

Permanent Office of Navarre to the EU
Rue De Pascale, 16 – 1000 – Bruselas
+32 (0) 2 721 60 77