Your window to Europe

We are your official contact point in Navarre with the European Commission

A guide not to get lost in the EU

The EU's multiannual financial framework and the special NEXT Generation EU package to tackle the pandemic crisis amount to a total of € 1.2 trillion

Map of the presence of Navarra in European networks

Promoting, coordinating and supporting participation in EU and international networks is one of Navarre’s strategic lines of external action

External Action Plan 2021 - 2024

Navarra in Europe, cross-border Navarre and Navarre in the World, the three axes of a plan that seeks to strengthen positioning as territory abroad

European Project Office

The European Projects Office provides a service to encourage the participation of the Public Administration of Navarra in European projects and the raising of funds

Interregional and cross-border cooperation

Navarre participates in various multiregional cooperation bodies and maintains an active cross-border and interregional policy

Citizens Abroad

Web site for Navarrese residents outside the Autonomous Community of Navarra

Change your environment: join the european renewal wave

Navarra Bauhaus initiative is framed in the European Green Deal, and in the principles of urban sustainability of the 2030 Agenda